Kaley Ann Voorhees and Ben Crawford in 'The Phantom of the Opera.' (Photo: Matthew Murphy)

“The Phantom of the Opera” is eyeing a return to both Broadway and the West End.

Producer Cameron Mackintosh wrote in the Evening Standard last week that he and composer Andrew Lloyd Webber had to “permanently shut down” the London and UK touring productions of “The Phantom of the Opera.” However, a spokesperson confirmed that the musical will return in London after the production conducts repairs on the set and the West End theater.

“LW Theatres have just taken a 50-year lease extension on Her Majesty’s Theatre and will do everything in their power to re-launch, better than ever, once the work is completed. We wish that we could put a date on it — but at this stage there are just too many variables. In summary, we can’t tell you exactly when the Phantom will be back, but we can tell you that he will be back,” a statement from the London production reads.

The New York production is not discussing any similar closure for repair or renovation, the spokesperson said, and is preparing for a return to Broadway. Productions are currently closed through at least Jan. 3.

“While we still don’t have anything definitive to report about Broadway’s re-opening date in the new year, we are looking ahead to make sure we are ready to start performances as soon as practicable,” the spokesperson said.

Tickets for the Broadway production are currently on sale through August 2021.